March 3o, 2oo5 (eye___candy) wrote in n0w_im_h0tt,
March 3o, 2oo5

Age: 15
Location: mi
Status & Sexuality: taken&&straight

Favorite types of music: rock//punk and country
Favorite Bands or Artists: maroon5&&rascal flatts&&shedaisy
Favorite Famous People(Dead or Alive): Paris Hilton
Favorite Color: pink&&blue
Favorite Movies: Mr.Deeds,butterfly effect,the ring 1&&2
Favorite Food: polish food and sloppy joes
Favorite Stores:hollister,nordstrom,abercrombie&&fitch

[sTyLe & sTuFF]
Personal Style: prep//whatever i want
Describe your perfect day outfit: baggy t-shirt and jeans..but looking pretty
What do you think is your biggest fault? i bite my nails
What do you like most about yourself? my eyes
What is your greatest achievement? my softball achievments
One secret: i have a wart..EWWWWW

Love: can happen anywhere at anytime and at any age
Abortion: pro-choice..just dont be irresponsible
Gay/Lesbian Marriages: ehh..marriage is between a man and women..sorry
Bi-racial Relationships:nothing wrong with them at all
Self-Inflicted Pain or Harm: you need some help from a specialist

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