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Name: megan
Age: 14
Location: southern illinois
Status & Sexuality: single & straight

Favorite types of music: hip hop? i dont really care i just go -w- the flow!
Favorite Bands or Artists: i don't have one really.
Favorite Famous People(Dead or Alive): chad michael murray
Favorite Color: pink
Favorite Movies: The Notebook
Favorite Food: cereal
Favorite Stores: american eagle aeropostale

[sTyLe & sTuFF]
Personal Style:preppy? i wear what's comfortable!
Describe your perfect day outfit: tank top and shorts.
What do you think is your biggest fault?i get too spaced out at times.
What do you like most about yourself? my fun personality
What is your greatest achievement?graduating 8th grade?
One secret:uh its a secret!

Love: i love love!
Abortion: It's wrong! I don't think we should be able to kill our unborn babies! With the exception of rape and incest.
Gay/Lesbian Marriages: GAY PRIDE! More power to those gay and lesbian people out there. DO what YOU wnat to DO!
Bi-racial Relationships:It doesn't bother me, I personally probably wouldn't date a guy of a different race, but for others its perfectly fine.
Self-Inflicted Pain or Harm:WRONG! I don't see how that helps?

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