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Korie ♥

New Hottie!

Name:Korie Fulbright
Age: 15
Location:Oak Grove, Alabama
Status & Sexuality:Single, and straight

Favorite types of music:I like all of it, Rap,Rock,Country,Pop..
Favorite Bands or Artists:Tbs, Hawthorne Heights, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney.
Favorite Famous People(Dead or Alive):Hilary Duff she is fun and doesn't care what other people think about her and she don't start drama, you never see her in the paper like most of them.
Favorite Color:Pink/red
Favorite Movies:Beauty and the Beast, Grease, The Notebook, Alice in Wonderland, Dirty Dancing.
Favorite Food:Mexican
Favorite Stores:Abercrombie, A&F, Hollister, American Eagle.

[sTyLe & sTuFF]
Personal Style:Preppy I guess you could say..
Describe your perfect day outfit:A cute shirt, skirt and flip flops.
What do you think is your biggest fault?Hm, my stomach, I HATE it.
What do you like most about yourself?My legs, they are muscle.
What is your greatest achievement?Dance, I've taken for 11 years.
One secret:My soon to be b/f cheated on her with me =/

Love:For it, thats one reason you live life!
Abortion: Against! Its like killing a person no matter how old, and if you didn't want a child you shouldn't of screwed around with sex, and you should of used protection.
Gay/Lesbian Marriages:Accually I'm for it, you can't help who you fall in love with no matter the sex or race.
Bi-racial Relationships:Same theory as gay ones..
Self-Inflicted Pain or Harm:Against, why hurt yourself to "take your mind off" the other thing that happend? Your still going to hurt, and you could write your feeling down or something.

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